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Frequent posed Questions

General questions

Within 24-48 h after payment is received, the process will be activated and you will be notified by us.

In your customer login at SlattAi™ > Dashboard.

In case of insecure log-in activity e.g. no mobile number stored or policy abuse.

As long as you follow the security points, account blocking is almost impossible. Our mission is to permanently develop our Ai to manage the accounts with the highest care. Should the extremely rare case occur, we offer the free additional service of opening an official Meta Business support case in all our packages to initiate the unlocking.

Yes, during a personal conversation with us or via mail/WhatsApp.

No, the AI runs 12-23 hours per day, (depending on the profile strength of the account), to be able to simulate your behavior as realistically as possible. Otherwise, there would be a risk that Instagram would recognize your interactions as automated and limit your account.

more questions

We provide refunds on a case by case basis - Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Like 95% of our customers, you will see growth after 14 days. If you are one of the 5%, your account was probably not configured properly during setup (an incorrect password is usually the reason), or the targets were not set up. Our support team will work with you to fix this so you see great results!

No, unfortunately not. Once you sign up with us, our machines will set up your Instagram account on one of our phones. This costs both time and money.