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Use Insta Story to increase engagement rate

Use Insta Story to increase engagement rate

If you want to use your Instagram profile to increase engagement rates, Insta Story is an important feature. With Insta Story, you can attract your followers’ attention and promote your brand in a more targeted way. In this article, we’ll show you how to use your Insta Story to increase your engagement rate.


  1. What is an Insta Story?
  2. What are the advantages of Insta Story?
  3. How do I post an Insta Story?
  4. How do I write a good Insta Story?
  5. What hashtags should I use on an Insta Story?
  6. How do I manage comments on my Insta Story?
  7. How can I personalize my Insta Story?
  8. How can I make my Insta Story more visible?
  9. How can I post multiple photos in one Insta Story?
  10. How do I include a quiz in my Insta Story?
  11. What color and design options are available for Insta Stories?
  12. Summary and conclusion


What is an Insta Story?

An Insta Story is a short-lived visual feature on Instagram that allows you to draw your followers’ attention to your content within the News Feed. The Insta Story appears at the top of the screen and can include photos, videos, text, hashtags, polls, and quizzes.


What are the advantages of Insta Story?

Insta Stories offer a number of benefits for your Instagram profile. First, you can tell your viewers a quick and constantly updated story of your life or business. Stories are instantly visible on the profile, so your followers won’t miss any of your stories. In addition, Stories are also interactive, in which you give your followers the opportunity to comment on your content, answer questions and polls. Another advantage of Insta Story is that there are far fewer comments than on a regular photo or video. This means your followers will consume the content more easily and give you more room to be creative. Last but not least, Stories are very personalized, since you can play with different colors, texts, GIFs and fonts.


How do I post an Insta Story?

To post an Insta Story, go to your feed and tap the camera icon in the top right corner. A screen will open where you have several options to choose from. Choose one of them to create an Insta Story.

You can select a photo or video from your gallery. To do this, tap “Photo/Video” to select a file. There is also the option to take and upload a photo directly from the app. To do this, select the “Capture” option to take a picture or record a video.

After you select your image or video, you can add filters and stickers. Once you’re done, tap “Next” and then select “Publish”. Your story will then be posted to your feed.


How do I write a good Insta Story?

Creating a good Insta Story isn’t that hard! To create an interesting story, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you should choose a topic on which you want to tell a story. Be creative and think of different ideas. Once you’ve decided, think about what content you want to add to your story.

If you want to include different content like photos, videos or Boomerangs in your story, you should pay attention to the quality of the content. Use the best possible camera you have and try different perspectives.

Don’t forget to add text, GIFs or emojis. Use different colors, fonts and sizes to spice up your story.

When you finish your story, you should review it to make sure there are no mistakes and that everything is as you imagined it. When you are satisfied, publish your story.

What hashtags should I use on an Insta Story?

When choosing hashtags for your Insta Story, it’s important that they are relevant and have the same theme as the Insta stories. Also, remember that hashtags should be easy to read – so no hashtags that are hard to read because of capitalization or punctuation. It can be useful to use several general hashtags that fit the theme of your story, such as #instastory or #storytelling. You can also cater to your specific niche and use hashtags that target your audience, such as #fashioninspo or #beautyblogger. This way, the right people can find your story and you increase your reach.


How do I manage the comments on my Insta Story?

If you want to manage comments on your Insta Story, you can easily do so by tapping the “Comments” icon when viewing your Insta Story. This will display all the comments you have received. You can then delete the comments by tapping on the “X” in the upper right corner of the comment. You can also block comments by tapping the “Block” icon in the upper left corner of the comment.


How can I personalize my Insta Story?

Instagram stories are a great way to get more interactions on your profile. The best way to personalize stories is to create a photo or video that reflects your unique style or identity. To begin, you should think about what message dz want to convey. Once you have chosen the topic, you can start editing.

You can edit your Insta-Story post by adding different text styles, animation stickers, fonts and filters. Don’t forget to hashtag your story to get more attention. Also, it makes sense that you go live on your Insta story to give your followers insights into your daily life.


How can I make my Insta Story visible?

To publish your Insta Story, go to your profile and tap the “+” icon in the bottom right corner. Choose an option from those offered, such as photo or video. Once you’ve selected a photo or video, you can edit it by adding text, graphics, GIFs, etc. After you have edited your story, you can publish it via “Share now”. Once your story is published, your followers can see it.


How can I post multiple photos in one Insta Story?

To post multiple photos in an Insta Story, you must first select your photos in your photo gallery. Then open the Insta app and select the Stories section. Then click on the plus sign at the bottom center. Then select the photos you want to upload and click on the square with the arrow in the upper right corner. Once you’ve selected your photos, you can do some more editing and then post them.


How do I include a quiz in my Insta Story?

It’s easy to add a quiz to your Instagram Story! First, you need to make sure that your Instagram account is up to date. If you have the latest version, you are ready to go.

First, you need to upload a photo or video to your Insta Story. Note that you can only use images or videos that you have created yourself.

After uploading your photo or video, you can click on the “Quiz” icon located in the top right corner. Here you can enter a question and add up to four possible answers. Think on formulating the answers in such a way that your followers can easily recognize which answers are the right ones. After that, you can post the quiz on your Insta Story.


What color and design options are available for Insta Story?

There are many color and design options for Insta Story. If you want to make your story more interesting and attractive, you can use different graphics, colors and images.

You can choose different text colors for your story. Choose a color that matches your brand. You can also use different types of graphics like graphs, slogans, logos and images.

Also try to add some visual effects such as animations, contours and shadows. This will make your story more colorful and beautiful.

Insta Story also lets you create your own design. Just choose a template and change it according to your wishes. You can choose different colors, add your own logo and customize the background.

When editing your Insta Story, don’t forget to create lively and interesting content. This will encourage your followers to connect and share your story.



In this article, we explained how to add a quiz to your Insta Story, what color and design options are available, and how to enhance your Instagram posts or Story. With the right tools, you can create a unique Insta Story that grabs followers’ attention and encourages them to connect and share. With the knowledge you have now, you can get started and make your Insta Story even more interesting and creative.


Bonus: View Instagram Story anonymously

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